Brother Clark no Myspace

O Myspace do Suicidal publicou hoje uma entrevista com o “vice-presidente” Mike Clark. Um papo excelente que tratou do futuro do grupo e  recuperou algumas curiosidades do passado.

Selecionei algumas passagens, especialmente sobre os velhos tempos. A íntegra você pode ler AQUI.

Metal Rich- Do you still own that blue Jackson dinky guitar with the skull that you are using in the ‘Waking the Dead’ and ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’ videos?

Mike Clark- Yeah! Actually it’s a BC Rich Gunslinger and yea I still got it, I love that guitar. It’s in my storage unit, that thing is bad ass. It was like the last era of BC Rich when they were still in El Monte ya know East LA of whatever and Vick Thurf or Vick um I forgot his last name he used to run the place he was a big old kinna like a ex-ese kind of dude but he was cool as hell man and those guys made me that guitar dude and it was one of the most happiest days in my life (laughs) it’s bad ass man and I can tell they put a lot of care into it and I appreciated it big time. I’ve held on to that baby and it’s like my favorite guitar still.

Metal Rich – So it still works?
Mike Clark- It’s a BC Rich man I can pull it out of it’s case right now and actually I am gonna on the next states thing I’m not taking it to Europe because I don’t wanna risk loosing it but the next states thing I’m bringing it back out, start playing it again, it needs to come out and play it’s been sitting around too long, it’s probably getting pissed. (laughs).

Metal Rich- Mike Muir and yourself took part in the Chi Cheng benefit show at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood. It was a special night because not only did many musicians get together to raise money for Chi Cheng of the Deftones but the night also saw a reunion of a classic Suicidal Tendencies line-up with you, Muir, Rocky George and Robert Trujillo performing ‘War Inside My Head’. How was it sharing the stage again with your former band members after all these years?
Mike Clark- Oh it was great man, I love those guys. You know any chance I get I’d love to do it again. Those guys are like my brothers ya know I was really happy, it was fun, it brought back a lot of memories and it was like ya know, those are my boys so it was good times and then also the tribute for Chi who’s also like a good friend of mine and whom I love very deeply, such a great person man it’s such a sad thing that happen to him ya know. I’d do anything like in a drop of a dime ya know.

Metal Rich- The original version of ‘Institutionalized’ appears in the blockbuster movie Iron Man, what was your reaction when you found out that a Suicidal song was used in a big budget Hollywood film?
Mike Clark- I was very captured about it and I know the reason why because Robert Downey Jr. went to the same high school as Mike and myself for awhile, I know back in the day he was really into the band so I know that was his call so, the guy is still like backing it up. More than it just being in the movie for me it was cooler that he made it happen so, big props to Robert.

Metal Rich- How did John Cusack end up being involved and appearing in the ‘Trip at the Brain’ video?

Mike Clark- Oh, we did a video for ‘Join The Army’ way back in the day and what happened is that video turned into a big old gang fight. Some people I’m not gonna mention and just everything went wrong but John Cusack had a part in that video and then when we did ‘Trip At The Brain’ we transferred his part into that (laughs) so we already had it, his part in the can so to speak but since the ‘Join The Army’ video didn’t work out we used him in ‘Trip At The Brain’. It was a weird kind of trip anyways because there’s so many weird shit going on in the video ya know and then he kind of pops up (laughs). He’s trippin’ trippin’ trip at the brain. There’s John Cusack in Trip at the Brain, what’s up?! (laughs)

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3 Respostas para “Brother Clark no Myspace

  1. Clipe da Join the Army?! Esse ia ser um irado eu imagino!

    E po, pior que é bem assim mesmo, esse John Cusack aparece DO NADA no meio do clipe da trip at the brain huhauaha, os caras são fodas..

    Essa guitarra aí é meu sonho!

  2. Marcelo Gomez

    Eu já achei que combinou! rsrs

    é meio do nada, mais pela loucura do militarismo na nossa mente achei legal!
    Trip at the brain é um dos melhores clipes do ST na minha opinião!

    mais imagina um Join the Army!???

    treta de gang, quase nem dá pra imaginar!

  3. i would like to smoke with clark

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