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Demo 1982

Já tinha recebido esse arquivo há algum tempo, do camarada Dude Munhoz, supostamente uma demo de 1982, pré-lançamento do álbum de estreia. Ouvi, curti, mas sabe como é internet, fiquei na dúvida se a parada era real mesmo.

Recorri então ao Glen Friedman, produtor do primeiro disco do ST. Sem demora, ele confirmou. Saquem só…

“Anyway, YES indeed these first nine songs are the 1st demos Mike shared with me while we were both enrolled at Santa Monica Community College. Classic Stuff indeed, I was hoping it was going to be the SPOT demos we did when i first came on to help them out (which I can’t find anywhere in my archive), but these were prior. As for the last five songs, some of the titles are obviously used later on and they even seemed a bit mixed up on the listings here, but some songs I’ve never even heard. Good find for a die hard ST fan. Now you gotta go find that SPOY demo where Mike is still saying Coke instead of Pepsi”.

Mike Muir – vocal
Mike Ball – guitarra
Mike Dunnigan – baixo
Carlos “Egie” Egert – bateria

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